The National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association, Inc. is a full-service Non-Profit Trade Association headquartered in Fredericksburg, Texas. The Association establishes national standards for all Terrazzo floor and wall systems and provides complete specifications, color plates, and general information to architects and designers at no cost.

Founded in 1923, NTMA’s role is to set and enforce industry standards. They protect the interests, not only of the members, but of anyone who has a stake in the success of a terrazzo installation.
NTMA serves as a reliable third-party resource for all players in the industry. In addition to supporting its current 131 member companies, NTMA’s full range of services extends to design professionals, architects, general contractors, maintenance professionals, and building owners. From helping architects put specifications together to providing technical assistance at any stage of a project, NTMA’s purpose is to orchestrate quality terrazzo installations.




VIA.ZZO brand is owned by Aragon Grup, a proud member of the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association USA (www.ntma.com), the First International Member of NTMA, starting with January 2020. VIA.ZZO material system and installation technology is complying with all NTMA standards and regulations.


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