is a flooring finish using marble, granite, glass, or other natural or synthetic aggregates, mixed with cement and/or resin binder, poured seamlessly, on-site, ground, and polished to shine. It was incidentally created by Venetian artisans, more than 2,000 years ago, in an attempt to make use of the irregular marble pieces and of the wastes of the marble “cutting”; one may say it is the first flooring of recycled materials. Terrazzo has been, is, and will remain a handmade flooring, the quality of which is given mostly by the skills of those involved: workers, artisans, artists. Their “art” is the escape from the plane world of patterns and readymade products. It is about hard man work and team-effort, in-depth knowledge of materials and technologies, professional machinery and tools, passion for perfection…


…is a brand of Aragon Grup, a proud member of the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association(ntma.com) named NTMA’s First International Member of Europe. It is 12 mm epoxy-terrazzo flooring of marble, quartz, granite, mother of pearl aggregates, with flexible epoxy resin binder with high UV resistance, cast “on-site” that is ground (on dry and wet), polished, and treated for a natural shine with nano-lithium based solutions. Additional, brass and aluminum profiles can be added as a design or structural factor.